Monday, September 25, 2006

Back in Action

Whoa, I was one miserable puppy for the past week. I am allergic to lots of stuff. Most of which I have built up a tolerance for, or like so much, I happily suffer, like my cat, and shrimp, and milk. Other stuff is not worth the trouble like red wine, some antibiotics, and cashmere sweaters. Whenever there is a change in the weather, I get stuffy. Circumstances converged last Monday to give me the sinus headache from hell combined with what felt like the flu, a cold, and food poisoning all wrapped up in one. Oh, joy!

Mad Props to
Tylenol, photo from their official site.

Last Monday, I was cleaning in my house. This is a herculean task as I am cleaning out several decades of my parents, belongings, scrubbing and defenestrating like a mad woman, and generally having a grand old time being a new home owner. Me, not the home, being new at this. Man I loves me some contractors. They love me too because I love hardware stores and supply houses as much as them. Also, I do not say thingy as much anymore. I make them the "I told you so" deal. Sometimes I want to do something, they think I am nuts, and I say, "Well, this is what I want, and if it sucks, then I have to pay you more money to fix it and do it how you said everybody else does it anyway, and you can say "I told you so!" and I'll write you another check." So far, they have said a lot, like "Ooh, you we're right, this is cool." and "Hey, how did you know this would come out so good?" but nobody said "I told you so!" I've been feeling all spiffy with myself since I actually seem to have a knack for this home improvement stuff which is good since I inherited almost every tool imaginable from my Dad.

So I think I got sick from all the dust I was kicking up in the basement, combined with the wood cleaners and fillers, the sanding, the priming,and the painting, as well as the horrible rain and drastic change in temperature the past week, not to mention I am getting old, and I think my warranty has expired.

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