Saturday, September 25, 2010


For a long time I have had this weirdo thing on my toungue.

My dentist thinks it is scar tissue from biting it somewhere along the line in one of the many fender benders I had during my reckless youth.

Recently, my dentist and my doctor have not liked the looks of it. Me neither. It seemed to be getting bigger, and always be in the way. My list of things to be allergic to is increasing exponentially, and it seemed to swell, and itch, more than the rest of my tongue.

So, I had it removed. Boy does this sucker hurt right now. It is very sore. I went and got the Tylenol with codene. Then I came home and ate mashed potatoes as instructed before taking some of the drugs. Then I had a nice little codene nap. I woke up having apparently either pulled out, or chewed out the stitches. Gross! So I stuffed some gauze in my drooly bloody mouth and left an after hours message for the oral surgeon because I of course slept through regular office hours.

I am impressed he understood my message because I talk like I have a dick in my mouth right now. It looks OK, and the oral surgeon says not to worry, but it is sore and swollen. Plus, I can see the little unhealed holes from the stitches. Yeeeuck!

On the upside, I have doctors instructions to eat ice cream, popscicles, and pudding.