Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Been pissed off for awhile, despite being an over educated bore with a vast vocabulary, I have failed to figure out a way to express myself in a constructive manner.  I am kinda sick of the whiny assed self center pussy bitches who are allegedly my friends and family who insist on having their every breath and minor event being fussed over, but fail on every front to ever show even a scintilla of regard for me. I guess I am at the end of my rope.  By nature I am kind and thoughtful, but ALL relationships, familial, friendships, romance, work, neighbors etc. are give and take.  That does not mean I do all the giving and you do all the taking.    When was the last time you remembered a special occasion of mine?  When was the last time you called me or messaged me to see how I am doing?  When as the last time you actually had a conversation with me at all?  When was the last time you came to visit me and actually hung out with me?  When was the last time you came to visit me and were not a selfish destructive slob mother fucker?  I did not bust my ass to fix this house and then do all kinds of drastic shit to keep it when I lost my job so you and/or your fucking unhousebroken spawn and/or pets could come over and scratch the floors, break the furniture, eat me out of house and home, and generally fuck everything up. I am a worthwhile, amazing person, I deserve your consideration and for yo to keep your word to me.  Just because I love you does not mean I love your thoughtless, inconsiderate,  selfish bullshit.   Just fuck you, you fucks, fuck you!