Saturday, March 8, 2008

Been Good Kinda Busy

Well, I did inot forget about spewing my inner monlogue online, I have just been very busy.

I have been writing every day still, but mostly stuff I had to write for one reason or another, or back and forth with friends and family. I also wrote some truly masterful thank you notes to people I met with in the course of my job search. I decided I do not want to do taxes anymore, and it is ok I do not want to do taxes anymore, so I found a completely different kind of job, and I think it was a very wise decision. I just could not hack the inherent micromanagement of public accounting. I is a free spirit, and I needs to flitter. Plus, I am way too smart, talented, and flat out good to have conversations about paper clip placement, and to be interrogated about why it took me six minutes instead of five to do a tax return, and to be told my voice is too squeaky, and that time is money, so stop being nice to people becaue it wastes time. Telling me to stop treating all the people I come in contact with like worthwhile human beings is like telling a shark to stop swimming. I just can't do it and survive.

I feel like my relationships with my sisters are growing and getting better. Things will never be perfect. I really have long since moved past any childhood slights. There are things since we all have become adults though, that will always color my relationhips with them. I am really proud of all we have all done since our parents died. It seems like we have all made a lot of changes for the better. A lot of things have been tough but they have all had a silver lining too.

I have gotten a lot done at my house too, I feel like it is finally starting to look like I live here.

I am also working on getting into a grad school program that interests me, and am hoping that the program revamp and accreditation will be all set, as well as my application and enrollment, in time for the fall semester.

In the interest of always having a plan B, I continue to cultivate other job leads, and am in the process of taking a lot of proficiency exams that are prerequisites for state and federal jobs in my area. So, I will be taking a little bit more of a break from the internet while I take a flurry of exams in the next couple of weeks.

I will be back to writing on the internets after Easter. TTFN cyberland.

P.S. I am watching TVonline, and I just have to say I hate those Lyrica commercials. I just wanna slap that whiny ass fibromyalgia chick senseless.