Sunday, August 12, 2007


After much dissatisfaction with my cable modem, and being chained to my desk in my house, I have dumped the cable company and taken a step into the current millennium.

I bought a laptop, and with the help of some very nice computer geek little boys at the computer store, and every place I have tried using it, I have figured out how to use it, and get on line with it. I am paranoid about logging on to my bank and stuff. I understand what filtered and unfiltered mean, but I am still not sure exactly what secured and unsecured mean. I have been told secured means I need a password to access the wifi network, but I am afraid it means everybody can see my porn, hypothetically speaking

I am excited to be mobile with my computing. While I allege not to actually like people I do enjoy being around them, if nothing else, than to observe them in their natural habitat to reinforce my sense of smug superiority. As I am now simultaneously looking for a new job, and trying to write more, this is a good thing for me. It will get me out of the house and get the stink off me. So, I hope to be sharing my ramblings with the great eternal Internet more often now that I have figured out how to do it.

Speaking of the Internet, I have gotten some pretty strange hits from key word searches. I had no idea so many people had issues with tighty whiteys, shitty birthdays, and fucked up co-workers, and even more screwy relatives. I hope you enjoy my warped worldview, and that you grow to love the compound-complex sentences rife with alliteration, or at least have fun reading.

TTFN, I’m off to be Tiggerific offline for the rest of the day.

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