Saturday, October 14, 2006

"Flow it, Show it"

My hair is haunted. It is naturally curly, and overrun with cowlicks. No matter how sleek and sophisticated I get it to look with the aid of various shellacs and instruments of hair torture, it looks like I brushed it with an eggbeater by the time I get where I am going. My friends refer to it as bed head, in a devilish just rolled around doing anything but sleeping kind of way. I usually am having as much fun as my hair, and wish to hell everybody else would too. I just love getting my hair cut. I do it every six weeks, rain or shine, feast or famine, and have for a long time. It is one of the things I do for myself, all me, just me. I love having my hair washed, and seeing the forsaken locks falling to the floor in a flurry of scissors artistry. Watching my disheveled countenance once again become respectable. Everyone should find something to do just for themselves. I don’t care if anyone likes my hair, I like it.

When I was younger, and unsure of myself, a bad hair day could send me to bed in tears. It was an occasion worthy of using a sick day at work, or missing a day or two or six of high school. I stopped coloring it when the shit really hit the fan in my life. I simply did not have the time to sit there and wait for the dye to set. Things were so erratic, I could not even be sure I could be there for a scheduled appointment. So my roots began to show. This was actually funny to me, and a lot of others. I, and they, had forgotten my natural hair color. None of us had seen it since junior high. The owner of the salon I was going to at the time told me my hair is dark blonde. I refuse to be a blonde. I have light brown hair, and am a brunette, and that is final. There are gray hairs interspersed, multiplying day to day. I see them shining like diamonds in the light every time I look in the mirror. They don’t bother me. I earned every one. My hair has been all kinds of shades of red, and brown and blonde. It even had some jaunty purple streaks for a time. It was the Eighties. I am better now.

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