Monday, January 7, 2008

The Great Debaters

I was just over at Plains Feminist and am posting my political and literary commentary here as well as adding some more blah blah.

In an effort to continue my status as an anti-social misfit I watched the debates Saturday night. I was pleasantly surprised to hear some actual intelligent answers from both parties. We seriously need a huge change in this country. I have not decided whom I want to vote for yet, but I am thinking Obama/Clinton.

I do not think of Obama as a black candidate, but as a human rights candidate. Not sure either will fly in the good old US of A. I think that despite his inability to keep his dick to himself, Bill Clinton is the smartest president we have ever had. He is the one most cognizant of the realities of foreign relations with nations that do not share our cultural outlook. I think Hillary is immensely smarter, but she can never win. She is too easy to bait, and I agree with PF, she is too old school, but I think she would be an asset on the ticket and could revolutionize the office of VP.

On an entirely different note, Mitt Romney and his posse of hottie spawn are yummy.

I also recommended a book The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls. I loved this book. And also threw it across the room a dozen times in the process of reading it. It is a beautiful story of a really ugly childhood.

Finally, see the move The Great Debaters. As part of our unorthodox approach to Christmas, my little sister and I saw this movie Christmas day. What a great movie. How far we have come, how far we still need to go. Also, as an aside, there is something really special about going to the movies to see a film. The crowd experience is an important component. The theatre was crowded. We all collectively glared at the fucker with the blinking blue tooth. We all moved around to make room for each other. We all laughed and cried. Also, a funny thing happened. During a point in the film a woman slaps a man across the face. When this happened several people in the audience gasped. Then after a beat, EVERYONE laughed about the gasping. Even for an anti-social misfit, it feels good to be part of a group sometimes.

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Plain(s)feminist said...

I can't tell if these guys are actually smart or if 8 years of hardcore stupid just makes them look that way...

...and yeah, the hottie spawn thing is disconcerting. I felt that way about John Thune (ick, ick, pthui).