Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Girl Scout Cookies

Hey, hey, hey. I am too swamped to write now, but am pasting in part of a comment I wrote at Wide Lawns because I think it is worth noting that if a little girl or her pushy parents hit you up to buy Girl Scout cookies, there is an altruistic option. The story SNM @ Wide Lawns wrote reminded me of my own relationship with my Mom in relation to Girl Scouts. My Mom totally thought Girl Scouts were awesome. I totally thought Girl Scouts sucked ass. I'll write about it in my next post. Meanwhile, send some cookies to some people who are fighting for our freedom.

Part of My Comment on Wide Lawns;

on the order forms around here is the option, if you are corn syrup averse, or like me averse to getting an even fatter ass, is the option to order cookies to be sent to US military personnel, not only is it nice to send them cookies, but it is also a tax deduction. Why dontcha ... get half a dozen boxes for the underpaid overworked people in our military who ain't even getting kissed by our government?

Speaking of the government, I am not feeling well, so I conked out during the entrance clapping of the State of the Union, so I went to the White House web site and read it. What a crock of shit. Seriously, I cannot believe people get paid for writing like that. Yeah, ya gotta stay on message, and blow smoke up all the right asses, and kiss all the right asses, but you could do it with a modicum of intelligence and polish too. I am glad I fell asleep. The only thing worse would have been listening to our fearless leader try to say it.

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