Monday, December 18, 2006

New Kitten

Here is a picture I took Saturday of Mon Petit Amour, on the left, and his new little sister, Girly Kitty.

She is five months old now, and settling in very well. I have had her almost three weeks, and I am so happy to have her. As with all the pets I have gotten since I became an adult, I adopted her from the animal shelter. I have wanted to find a companion for Mon Petit Amour for quite some time. After the debacle with the
Dominatrix kitty, the vet advised me to get either a dog or a kitten to keep Mon Petit Amour company next time I try adding a new pet to the family. There have of course been some territorial disputes. They scared the crap out of me this morning when they both decided to hang on the shower curtain and pulled the whole kit and kaboodle down. Man, I was wide awake then! Both kitties are having a wonderful time running all over the house. It is so nice to see Mon Petit Amour with someone to play with. I think he is enjoying being a big brother, and even when he is annoyed with her he is gentle in his admonishments.

If you decide to add a pet to your family this holiday season, please consider rescuing a pet from your local animal shelter.

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NoMas said...

Oh, they're little dolls! There is nothing as fun as watching kitties run and play.