Thursday, December 14, 2006

Stay Tuned

Wow, I have had an exhausting past several weeks. Lots of family stuff going on. I had unplanned house guests for an extended period of time. I also was dog sitting for a few days. Neither the house guests or the dogs were house broken, so, being the proud owner of my family's recessive neat freak gene, my nerves are quite frayed.

I just sent the dogs home a few minutes ago. I threw all the dirty clothes and linens into the basement for washing. Mopped the doggie presents off the floor, and Febreezed all the upholstery. I'll do the laundry and load the dish washer tomorrow morning, right after I buy a No Vacancy sign to put up in front of my house, and think of what to put in the extra bedroom so no one can sleep there. I think I will also get rid of my couch and get some really uncomfortable chairs instead.

I also have a new kitten I adopted a couple weeks ago to keep Mon Petit Amour company. I will get back to writing some stories, maybe some about what has been going on, tomorrow. Right now, I am going to have some ice cream and sit on MY couch, and watch MY television.


NoMas said...

Oh, you must post a pix of the kitty!

NoMas said...

Oh the delight of house guests. It will probably take you a good week to recover.

CityBluz said...

I got rid of my furniture piece by piece, with the sofa going out the door first - and it REALLY cuts down on those overnight guests, let me tell you!

I didn't have an overnight guest again for many years, then stupid me bought a couch, and....

Oh, well, better luck next brain.