Friday, December 22, 2006

It's Official, I'm Bored

A to Z Survey
A - AvailableYes
B - Best FriendYes, a Few
C - CrushNope, I Prefer Total Annihilation
D - Dad's NameThat's Classified
E - Easiest Person To Talk ToMyself
F - Favorite BandRubber, Followed Closely by Abba
G - Gummy Bears Or WormsBears, of Course
H - HometownI Could Tell You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You
I - InstrumentFlute, Piccolo, Drums
J - JobOk, but I like the Beatitudes best
K - KidsNope, not having any, scrambled eggs
L - Longest Car RideCan't tell ya where from or to, but it was 1,300 miles too many with my psycho sister
M - Milk FlavorGuida's chocolate milk/skim
N - Number Of SiblingsFour
O - One WishFuck world peace, I want firm thighs
P - PhobiasGetting germs from fucking slobs who do not wash their hands after using the bathroom
Q - Favorite Quote"Sometimes you gotta say; "What the Fuck."
R - Reason To SmileBarely dressed men with heaven sent body composition, I feel faint...
S - Song You Last HeardSleigh Ride
T - Time You Woke Up4:57 AM
U - Unknown Fact About MeI do not think I want to live here
V - VegetableNo, I have possession of all my faculties.
W - Worst HabitsBiting my nails, putting up with borish behavior, not cleaning the litter box enough
X - X-Rays You've HadEverything, really. Too many car accidents and bad family medical history.
Y - Your Favorite Foodice cream
Z - Zodiac SignVirgo
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