Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Today Kinda Sucked

Today kinda sucked. I had an upsetting experience at work today. We took the Mutt Doggy to the Canine Oncologist. When I stopped to gas up my car, some doofy looking middle aged runty dorks in a Subaru laughed at me. I was trying to straighten out my shorts that I had somehow managed to not only get all twisted up and capped off with a self inflicted wedgie. Little crap like that kills me when I am upset already. You know your life really sucks when middle aged runty Subaru driving dorks are laughing at you.

But, when I woke up today, Girly Kitty was lying next to my head. Like she was just waiting for me, and then Mon Petit Amour came running in for some furry lovies too. There is a lot to be said for the good it does for your soul to have furry people in your life. So far we do not know how things are going to go for the Mutt Doggy. She is definitely not herself, and seems to be uncomfortable. Her eyes look like she is in pain. We did some tests today, and will do more on Monday, and then we will know if surgery will give a reasonable opportunity for her to get better.

Just a reminder, my family has a warped and twisted sense of humor. When we first found out the Mutt Doggy was sick, I told my sister, "we can do this, if we can do two sick parents at once, we sure can do two sick dogs at once." I am very sad about the dogs not doing well. More sad then I would have imagined. The White Witch is doing ok, but her vision and hearing are very poor and she is for lack of a better description pretty darn rickety. I have made it known that they both must drop dead by Halloween, or wait to next Spring to croak. I hate digging in the snow. I’m pooped, and am ready to give up on today. Nighty night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite.

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