Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cast of Characters

I will be working on this list

Wendy - My Mom

Peter - My Dad

The Prince - My Brother, he is seven years older than me.

Syko - My Oldest Sister, she is nine years older than me.

Zelle - My Next Oldest Sister, she is eight years older than me.

Celie - My Youngest Sister, she is 3 years and 8 months younger than me.

Cassandra - My Oldest Niece - she is The Prince's daughter, and twelve years younger than me.

Echo - My Next Oldest Niece - she is Syko's middle child, and fifteen years younger than me.

Pandora - My Youngest Niece - she is Syko's youngest child and sixteen years younger than me.

Falstaff - My Oldest Nephew - he is Syko's oldest child and fourteen years younger than me.

Horatio - My Next Oldest Nephew - he is Zelle's oldest child and twenty two years younger than me.

Caliban - he is Zelle's yougest child and twenty three years younger than me.

Diego - My Grand Nephew - he is Pandora's child, and thirty five years younger than me

Dora - My Grand Niece - she is Echo's child, and forty one years younger than me. 

Angelita - Celie's Daughter who passed away at birth in 1994.

Mon Petit Amour - My boy kitty.

Girly Kitty - My girl kitty. 

Garcia - Celie's kitty, who is a girl.

Cynic - Zelle's doggy, who is a girl

Dead Weight - Zelle's Ex-husband; Horatio and Caliban's Dad.

Flava Flav - Pandora's on/off  Significant Other, Diego's Dad.

Fiddy Diddy - Echo's Significant Other; Dora's Dad.

Lurch - Celie's Ex Significant Other, Angelita's Dad.

Italian Stallion - My Current Friendly Acquaintance, Former Love Interest from History, Like the Titanic. (My Early/Mid Twenties)

Colin Farrell - My Current Friendly Acquaintance, Former Love Interest from History, Like the Titanic.  (My Early Thirties)

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