Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Recently, it started to rain about fifteen minutes before I was supposed to leave work. This was no dainty drizzle, but a full on down pour. I hung out in the lobby with the last few remaining stragglers as we all decided to wait and see if it would let up long enough for us to run to our cars. It was a nice peaceful friendly chat at the end of the day.

At last there was a break in the rain, and I took off my shoes and ran through the puddles to my car. I immediately laughed at myself for bothering to save the shoes since it has been a while since I had a decent pair. This home improvement stuff puts a major strain on all my other budgetary considerations. These were nothing but a five-dollar crap pair of shoes from the Evil Empire, my pet name for Wal-Mart. The jaunt through the puddles was very fun though, and I did not step on any of those ubiquitous little pebbles that always seem to find my feet.

On the road at last, I turned up the tunes, and got going just in time for another wave of monsoon conditions. A few exits down the highway, the rain fell back down to a sprinkle. This time the sun also came out. It was gloriously bright. As I looked ahead of me at the surrounding traffic, the light mist, the wet road and the incongruously brilliant sunlight gave the effect of making all the cars around me look like they were gliding along on magic carpets made of rainbows.

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