Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tax Amnesty

Well, I managed to survive tax season just fine. I wish I worked on comission. I would have loved to have 10% of all those refunds. I have also had a nice nap, and done some laundry, and all kinds of other great stuff. I logged into my e-mail for this blog today. Thank you to those who wrote to check on me. I am just dandy, I had to take a break from blogging to work like a dog for a few months. Tax season is tough, but it is great the rest of the year to have all the free time to go to the beach, and sleep late, and work on my money pit house, also, I really need to get a new man. They have some uses, I recall.

I upgraded, or updated, or whatever the hell, my blog. Now I have to figure out how to get it looking aesthetically how I desire. I feel like writing again, so it is what it is. I made the old posts live again, and hope to crank out something new pretty frequently for the time being.

I am looking forward to the resolution of some legal issues so I can blab about them on the internets, also I have had a lot going on in my life, and will try to assemble some cogent and cohesive stories about it all.

Meanwhile, I have found a new object of lust on the television. Why did no one tell me about this show Angel before? I have been watching it on TNT while I get ready for work. This stuff is perverse, and funny, and twisted, I like it, and I do not know why. Also, I love nerds and hotties, both of which this show has quite a bit of, I am a happy little couch potato today.

Happy Spring!

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