Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bless Me Father

Ooooops, just logged onto e-mail. I have a cut and paste error here. The whole thing is on my memory stick, which I forgot at a cafe last weekend, so I will repost the whole thing this weekend when I get it back.

For I Have Sinned.

God, as you know it has been nearly twenty four years since my last confession. You know this is because;

1) I am still performing the penance the priest gave me the last time I went.
2) You know I decided a long time ago that I do not need anybody to intercede with you when I want to reflect on my sins.
3) You know I am not sorry for most of the stuff the church thinks I should be.

So, at any rate these are my sins, they're worse than last time...

Last time, I told the priest, and he told you, that I hated someone. Now to your credit, you told Father Jerry to ask me why I hated this person. How is father Jerry by the way? He was very good with dealing with high school freshmen about to embark on the commitment of Confirmation to Catholocism. I have not seem or heard of him since he was shuffled off to whereever he got sent when he decided he wanted to be a husband more than he wanted to keep an arcane vow.

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