Tuesday, January 9, 2007


I turned down the job that had me so conflicted. I would have been bored out of my mind. Nice people is not enough of a reason to take a job for me.

I accepted the one that is a more risky proposition, but where I get to do something I really love, and get experience I need to advance my career. Not to mention, a suhweet work schedule, and exactly, on the money, the highest end of my requested salary range. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am the shit.

Minnie the Mooch is FINALLY helping me, and we are doing our best Enron impression shredding all our parents documents they saved over their lifetimes. What the fuck did they think they'd need the cancelled checks from 1972 for?

My day at the mechanic's:

While waiting for a part for my car, I discovered an Avon book in the lobby of the garage. I have been taking my cars there a long time and the service manager, Louie, is a really nice man. He assured me the Avon lady was very nice, and reliable. I called her, indulged my eye liner addiction, and adored her instantly.

Since that went so well, I jokingly asked Louie if he knew a good electrician. I had rearranged the appliances in my kitchen, and when I was pushing the fridge into place, I hit the plug, and got this fascinating shower of sparks. After which I discovered several outlets, switches, and light fixtures in my kitchen were no longer working. Traipsing down to the basement to check what I call the big light switches, since I cannot remember what they are really called proved fruitless, as none had been tripped. I had no luck getting a call back from the electrician who did some extensive work for me over the summer. He is very sweet, and did many things above and beyond for me. (Thank you God for the Bodacious Tatas.) But he is also a prima donna high-end contractor, and I needed someone to come help me ASAP, not a rousing game of phone tag. Candlelight dinners are not so fun with Mon Petit Amour and Girly Kitty as you might think.

Louie gave me the cell number for an electrician who brings his trucks to the garage, and has done some work there. Also assuring me the electrician was a great guy. I called late morning, and they had a team at my house by three PM. They would have been there earlier, but they had to wait for Louie to stop holding me hostage at the garage, oops, I mean for the part to finally arrive and be installed in my car. The electricians fixed me right up, and explained what was wrong, and were polite. Their price was not even remotely heart attack inducing, and I can once again make coffee and toast at the same time.

I wonder if Louie knows any single guys....

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